My mission in life is to build a women's shelter before I die.

Munni Irone


"I am an executive manager of an airplane manufacturing company; we heard about Dame Munni Irone from a friend who was attending her workshop in San Josie CA. Four of my friends had private two-day workshop with her. It was exciting, interactive, and everyone cried and got rid of our inside need rooted knots, which was interfering at work and in our personal life.

My first impression of her was that look so gorgeous with her beautiful outfit, her skin was glowing with her pearly teeth and billion dollar smile. I trusted her right away, and she is woman who is positive, transparent, loving, world traveler, she even built her custom home, I am impressed.

I was asked to write about her for her website, to tell you the truth, I have traveled the world and met very nice people but she is unique and rare human. What a life and energy she possesses, I am amazed, flabbergasted and fortunate to meet her. I will never forget her coaching. Love you DAME MUNNI IRONE. "