My mission in life is to build a women's shelter before I die.

Munni Irone



At this very moment right now I am feeling 1 Billion dollar excitement.

The excitement you have landed on the planet of my life is heavenly. Calm and joyously content I am feeling and breathing paradise oxygen, moment by moment.

During the darkness of the nights and shadow of it on my existence I did have good conversations and friendly talks with the Lord and with God himself. God is the best friend ever everywhere and for everything. He sure is.

One of the things I asked him for, was a good human and a social friend.

Someone I could admire and learn from. Someone that would be a world in just one place, in one person.

Someone I would see her name on my phone ring and jump with desire to answer.

Someone I could look up to. Someone I would love to say is a person I am proud and most delighted to have known.

Someone I would unconditionally trust in and talk to, being 100 percent myself.

Life is beautiful and I wanted God to bring a friend that I could be fulfilled with and look no more to fill the emptiness of Humanity somehow somewhere else.

He, God is good, is kind, listens and then does do with abundant joy and absolute generosity all he ever promises.

He did promise he would honor me with that person among the crowd of Humans and humanity.

He said to consider it done and be patient.

He said keep working and doing what I love and enjoy the most. He said I will find that person only through good and righteousness and glory.

And it did happen!
He did it!!!

He surprised me more than ever before and I am at awe of excitement at any moment of every second of time. It is heavenly good and feels awesome.

He had me look for that person all I could and I did in that promised day.

I asked everyone and no one was there with that name.

Then I said ok no problem. I'll wait. I'm good with patience.

Right when I didn't find that person and said to myself alright then let's get back to work, let's get going, he, God himself did it. In the most unexpected way and at the last moment he took the charge and he did it! He did. He sure did.

Finally, I met that person without knowing that that was the person. Once she gave me her card, I saw what he did. He is amazing the way he does things. He is God for God's sake!!!

The card read on it:
Dame Munni Irone and he did it.

The rest is too much to tell you right now Mz. Munni, the Queen of Beverly Hills!

For one thing she is representing "Torch of Humanity" to the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and the First Lady for me. How exciting that can be?!

Munni, I'll tell you all about her later. Now I've got to get ready for tomorrow. I'm going places with her and am meeting all the good people there is on Earth!

I'm as excited as a kid before Christmas day and the shiny bike under the Christmas tree waiting for him!

So, forgive me, I've got to get ready for tomorrow with her.

Talk to you tomorrow then.
Good night.
Thank you,
O, O, O wait...her name is Dame Munni Irone. Don't forget