My mission in life is to build a women's shelter before I die.

Munni Irone


I am a manager of a high-end department store; my work is very high stress. My supervisor was driving me nuts. I wanted to quit my work, but I could not because of financial situation. I had two private sessions with Dame Munni Irone and she allowed the supervisor to come for free. So I convinced her to come.

I referred to Ms. Munni from a cameraman of Paramount studio, who was my client at the store. He was shopping I was in tears after my supervisor chewed me up.

He asked me to quit, and I told him I needed my job, he responded you should see this lady, who has helped me years ago, and she is super woman blah-blah and blah.

So I called Munni Irone the same day I had to wait almost five week to get some attention from her. We met in Starbucks Beverly Hills; She started coaching me right away. I was in love with on the first sight; I don’t know why! She looks like a model. Next day my supervisor and I had a private session at her gorgeous home, IT WAS MY BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE.

She taught us how to life with my essence and be aware of the ego. My supervisor and I became a good friend in two days comparing to hatred for three years.

My boyfriend is happy, and he is going to have a session with her as well in March.

All I can do to express my internal respect, love and admiration of this lady who is making a big impact in people’s life. She taught me skin care, dental care, healthy smoothie, meditation, and Tai-chi. I am a new Dolores Rodrigues with love and compassion. I don’t want to go back to my old zone. I am doing good with sales, and I am going have a big bonus from the company.