My mission in life is to build a women's shelter before I die.

Munni Irone


"I live in Catalina Inland, and my name is Susana Perez, I was referred to Ms. Munni from my friend in Orange County LA. She gave us private workshop for two days in Spanish. Dame Munni Irone changed my life. I own a catering business, and I could keep my employees. I was very demanding with my boyfriend, and I was depressed.

After her coaching my sales went up, I am much calmer and have a better life with my boyfriend. We are going to get married in June, and I would love to have the nobility of her as a maid of honor. Munni has taught me to take her smoothie, how to take care of my teeth, my skin. I use her stuff; my skin looks smooth, and my acne went away.

She coaches my cousin on SKYPE, we lucky to have her in our lives. Munni is an angel on this earth. "