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Come Join Us On Feb 28rd Business with CORE

Introductory workshop with master educator and TV Host Munni Irone

From 9am to 5:30pm
Enroll now seats are limited!
Lunch is Included

Our Workshop

There are many workshops that you can take part in. The most popular one is my “Doing Business with Core and “Ayurvedic Health and Beauty" workshop. I do private and corporate training teaching “Doing Business with Core.” It included Tai Chi, Chi Gong, meditation and Ayurvedic living. I do detox treatments for celebrity clients and assist to achieve balance in their spiritual, mental, physical and professional dosha.    

 The title says it all… ”Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Education at Any Age!" As we get older we have to take care of ourselves differently. What you used to do as a 20 year old is much different than what you do to look fantastic as a 60 year old. The key is knowing what the basics are and in this workshop we will do that. It is a whole package of financial and emotional freedom, contentment, abundance and inner peace. The freedom and joy you seek is earned by living and you can’t put a price tag on it.  

The fountain of youth may not exist but it a lot of fun looking for it. Here are some topics that I will be teaching you at the workshop:

*Hair Care


*Skin Care

*Nail Care

*Tai Chi & Chi Gong

Contact Munni About Workshop

I invite you to see some of the other workshops I’ll be conducting throughout the years. Some of the workshops are 1-day seminars and some are 3-day seminars. At every single one of my seminars, my goal is to teach you to be free…. to teach you to forgive and to teach you how to get balance in your life. If you learn to achieve these three things…your life will change in ways you never new existed. I learned to do this in my life and it’s helped me push through hard and difficult times when it could have been easy to hold on to the pain, be bitter and be resentful. I choose not to live this way and you can too.  

Come join me. I look forward to seeing you at one of my upcoming workshops.

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