My mission in life is to build a women's shelter before I die.

Munni Irone

I support nine charities. Here are six of them:

In Vietnam, I support a Christian charity that takes care of babies who were tossed in the trash. 

Buddist Boys, an orphange in Thailand

A poor Muslim girls organization in Sri Lanka.

“The Nest” in Nairobi  

“CALVARY” chapel in Nairobi

Skid row drive once a month

If you want to help, please donate what ever you can. I want you to experience the joy and pleasure that I’ve received by helping each and everyone one of these charities. One day I will I build CHEZ MUNNI and you can be part of that.


Philanthropy facts about Giving in US.


69 Percent of Giving in The US is From Independent Givers.

Corporate/Operating Giving

22 Percent of Giving is from Corporate/Operating Giving.


9 Percent of Giving is from Community Sources.


16 percent of Giving is from Foundations.

Philanthropy is you the private giver!