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My mission in life is to build a women's shelter before I die.

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Dame Munni Irone is an author, businesswoman, and philanthropist. She has been in the cosmetology business for 32 years. She is an advanced educator who helps and cares for each of her students on a personal level. She has personally won over 75 trophies. She is an International Hair Olympics competitor, and a hairdresser for celebrities.  Munni has trained students who have won 4 International Hair Olympic trophies.

She is the founder of Munni's international charity. Two of her favorite charities are Angelic Gopalan who is saving
kids with AIDS in India. The other is to feed, clothe and provide hygiene kits for the homeless in Skid Road ,Los Angeles. Her dream is to open a battered shelter for women. She lives for helping others for the rest of her life in this world.

CORE Hair Color Education Opportunity

Dame Munni Irone and Lois Rivera are aligned in the quest for assisting others in achieving their Cosmetology Career Goals.

Munni’s cosmetology career focus is Cosmetology School Education and Hair Style Competitions, Lois’ career path is Hair Color Education and the Beauty Salon Business.

Together as educational partners they are totally committed to delivering the finest educational materials and courses available for today’s Professional Beauty Industry.

For CORE Hair Color Education  


1 tbsp of fresh bee-pollen
2 tbsp of flex seed
1 fresh beet
1 turmeric 3” long
1 tbsp of fresh yogurt
1 tbsp of fresh beeswax cone
2 cups of fresh green kale, parsley, spinach or other
1 cup blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries

Use the seeds of papaya, melon, watermelon, ope-squash, spaghetti-squash whatever is in season.

This smoothie is thick so dilute it with water and ice. Enjoy the health and richness in your life.


Correct your eating habits. Limit fats and eliminate fast food. Make your own meals with chicken and eat beef as a Sunday treat. Be sure your plate has colors. Salads should be spinach or kale and remember that lettuce is the lowest in nutritional value. Eat your favorite dessert once in while and in small portions then detox with my smoothies.




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