Valentine’s Day will soon be here. What quickly comes to my mind is the subject of love. What is love? Where can we find it? How can we show love not only to others but to ourselves? I’d like to share with you my thoughts on love for this Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day is a day in which romance and love are celebrated.

For many, it is a joyous occasion, met with much anticipation and great expectation. It is a day that was created for men to pamper their women and shower them with gifts. My late husband was the kind of man who celebrated Valentine’s Day in that fashion. I never gave my husband a Valentine gift but he always treated me and all the ladies of my family, including my daughter, like princesses. Nowadays, the rules have changed and girls give their boyfriends gifts as well. There is nothing wrong with showing your man you love him but let’s not forget our natural roles as women and men. Most western men claim to want driven, independent and confident women. However, when confronted with relationships where their masculinity may take a backseat, they suffer from multiple issues such as low self-esteem and resentment. On this Valentine’s Day, my plea to all women is to be a lady and allow your man to treat you with grace. You don’t need to be under the control of your man; just let him be a man.


People have tried to explain love. I used to define love as many others do, without essence. When I first read philosopher and author J.

Krishnamurti’s explanation of love, I did not understand it because I was too young. After practicing meditation for many years, I understand, in the stillness, that love is more than I was conditioned to understand.

The Lord has given us tremendous hearts which are full of compassion, kindness, giving, caring and sharing. We are spiritual beings with no limitations as to how much we can share and give love. One Moses, one Jesus, one Buddha and one Mohammad loved billions of people in this world because they were highly spiritual beings. We could only attempt to attain such spirituality by following their examples and in doing so, we all find each of our own unique sense of spirituality.

If you allow yourself to hate even one person, you’re not only hating that one person, you are hating many people. This causes damage to your spirituality. You are doing something that you are not made to do!

This causes humans to become imbalanced.


Each one of us has a purpose in life. You can practice meditation as a way to find your own purpose. Stay still and let your thoughts travel.

You can be mindful of your thoughts, but you cannot control them. In between each thought there is silence. Stay there. This is who you are. As you meditate you can increase your space. This space is full of contentment, impartiality, love and a healthy mind. Once you experience spiritual awareness, you start putting your puzzle together.

During meditation go back to when you were five years old and remember what you were doing then. Your life will become clear. You’ll make better personal and business decisions, success will come and stress will cease. Every time you are faced with stress, you will tackle it happily. In this practice, you are showing compassion to yourself; you are loving yourself.


People dream about finding their soul mates. A true soul mate is an image and a reflection of you. There will be an automatic connection when you find your soul mate, your true love. He or she will undoubtedly be the most important person you’ll ever encounter. In the quest to find a soul mate, a person sometimes may confuse sexual connection with love. Often, people will think love and sex are the same. When you love someone, sex is just an aspect of your love. When you have sex with your soul mate, it is more meaningful. I think that if a woman can abstain until she is sure he is “the” man, then that man usually values her more. Don’t limit yourself in finding a soul mate by a certain age; there is no limit. Allow yourself a natural connection. Stay still in meditation and ask yourself: Who am I? What do I really want? How can I serve?


I love Valentine’s Day. It makes me happy! It is only on one day but live like it is Valentine’s Day every day. When we have love and give love, we are balanced. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!

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