My Dying Wish


By: Trish Bolton

I have just been diagnosed with a deadly disease and I have a week to live. I am at LAX, Ms. Munni recommended me to seek a treatment in Gearson clinic in Mexico.  I don’t have time to spare and cannot die unless I share my story with the world.

My last death wish, is for all of you is please share my story on all your social media, and let them know that Jesus lives in this woman’s soul. I will be watching you all from heaven. Those who will share my story, blessing will be granted to you. According to Ms. Munni, “Lord, always gives you what you want, but you need to be present to receive the vibration and blessing coming towards you.


I was married and then divorced, after a year I became homeless and lived on the streets of LA for seven years. One day I took some bus and I got off on Santa Monica close to Beverly Hills. Why? Here is the answer:  The sun was killing me, I was thirsty and hungry my body gave up on me. They were thousands of people passed by, some dropped a dollar. I was 37 years old. For most people I was ugly, retarded and crazy. I was praying, “Lord kill me please, I had it with this life.”  

All of a sudden, I saw a black Mercedez Benz stopped and this beautiful Lady looks like coming out of vogue magazine coming towards me. She bent down and asked me in a low voice and with a beautiful smile, her teeth were so perfect. I lost all my teeth at the age 34.“ I looked old, without my teeth.  
She asked me, “Are you alright? Are you hungry?”  I started crying and told her, “ I just want to die, and started crying.”  She held my hand and said, “Get in my car, let’s go. I am sent by my Lord to assist you.”  She went to a drug store and bought some stuff,  that she thought I will need.  We both went to her house in Bverly Hills. Her housekeeper opens the door, and looked at her with strange eyes, she responded, please feed her now, what do we for her to eat?”    While she was driving she had to stop the car and she vomited, because I stunk so bad. Her housekeeper was spray while I was entering her house. I had a wonderful meal.  She took me in the bathroom and remove all my hair, apply medicine for head lice,  she made me  scrub my body three times with soap, then twice with a body scrub.  Gave me clean clothes with one of her designer bags, took me to get a manicure and pedicure, and body massage. I came back, I slept for 49 hours straight. Her bed was heavenly.  I could hear when her housekeeper was telling her,  ‘Ms. Munni please let her go now, she can steal from you and run or call her homeless friends to come and rob the house.”  She responded with a smile, “She is going to be my star, I did not look for her, she came into my life, my Lord wants me to help her. I am confident that she will be successful, Amen.”
Next day she started my training:

She taught me adobe photoshop, indesgin, Word program, Excel program and Adobe premier.  I was working 14 hours a day and she paid me, arranged me to stay with one of her student’s house in Elmonte. Her student told me how Ms. Munni never argued with any students and how romantic her husband was with her.  Ms. Munni told this student that I was her adopted daughter; she also advised me never to tell anyone that I was homeless, because people will disrespect me.

Ms. Munni trained me with meditation, tai chi and:
1. Taught me to read and write again
2. How to sit. Table manner in the high class society.
3. How to be gracious when you meet people.
4. How to groom myself, she gave me new teeth, new hair color and beautiful skin, and how to walk.
5. How to answer the phone.
6. How to do record keeping.

I love her so much I did everything she wants me to do. I did not want her to disappoint her. I lived seven years on the street in LA, got rapped and beat up, she is the only angel who impacted me and save my life.  For the last 8 months I worked at a law firm which is owned by her friend and I handle her facebook and e-mails. I was able to get my own apartment and own my car. People think I am good looking.  In fact, last week I dated a lawyer and he thought I was a beautiful woman. This week I am diagnosed with this disease and have one week to live, OMG.

I know you all love her, we are all her wings,  let's let the world know Jesus live inside this beautiful angel of God -Munni Irone.  Ms. Munni is very much impressed and in love with Lili Bosse from Beverly Hills. Ms. Lili Bosse the ex-mayor of Beverly Hills started –BH HEALTHY CITY and she promoted businesses in BH. So, Ms.Munni devoted this year to bring calmness to the city of BH and Hollywood.  She initiated first world peace, red carpet event in Hollywood under the leadership of Dr. Hong. I was there at the event and I was surprised by the event. There were 38 extra people showed up, who had no seats or food. These people came because some people posted on their Facebooks as if it was an open invitation. She as a leader, right away gave me her credit card and told me, “Please be sure no one leaves here hungry or unattended from this event. It is important for Dr. Hong and Mr Gellini.”  I thought WOW!!! I would have never done this. So many people were present, but there was not anyone like her, sheer beauty from inside out. This is why people called the Queen of Beverly Hills.

She has helped so many kids from BH high school over the year, saved families, helped so many Hollywood stars and LA skid row since 1980. There are hundreds of stories of this angelic lady. She is most perfect human on this earth, who quietly helped people and walk away.
I wanted to tell Mr. Gellini and entire group of Olympia awards crew. Trust in her decision making abilities and follow her. She has the power I know to make all your dreams come true.  Look, How she successfully she launched Olympia internationally and nationally- She wants to bring world peace via seven arts of the world.  You are a very smart man to select her to re-torch the flame of Olympia in Athens. I promise there is no lady like her in this world, so pure with high morals, honesty, integrity. These are not words, she truly is a rare, beautiful lady, sculptured to perfection by the Lord. Please, I beg you to take care of my mother,  otherwise I will come back to haunt you.

She loves her brothers and sisters from the Tai chi men academy. Please translate my story in your languages and post it everywhere. She is the reincarnation of Jesus. Her book is ready, please help her to sell.  This is my last wish, to let the president of the United States and the world know that Jesus lives in this woman and world needs to show that. Don’t go searching for Jesus, work with her in her Shelter and world peace mission via Olympia awards.

I apologize my angel mother of Lord -Ms. Munni, I had to share my story before I die. May Lord bless you and your family with health and success. Please don't be upset with me for telling my story. I am in a lot of pain, but I am mobile. An hour from now I might be dying.