Dame Munni Irone to speak at Los Angeles Convention Center Ascent Expo


Munni Irone walks the red carpet at OSCARS.

Munni Irone will be speaking at the Los Angeles Convention Center ASCENT EXPO.


Who is Munni Irone?

Her name is Dame Munni Irone and she was born a philanthropist.

As a child, I always prayed to the Lord to make me a contributor.  My vision is to generate global transformation by giving workshops to leaders.  I am an author, a celebrity coach, and a women’s activist.

I owned, taught, and operated a very successful beauty school.  I love my students and never charged them for tutoring. My school was called a rehab center because my students were better persons after my coaching.  I am the CEO of MJD Film Productions and am associated with multiple charitable organizations in the United States and worldwide. I alone am supporting nine charities. I am a TV host of Green Positive Nanny. I am a survivor of domestic violence and bullying.  How I coped with this aspect of my life is what I want to share with others.

I enjoy developing my humanitarian characteristics and who I am as an individual.  I reach out to Universities to teach students the benefits of positive living.  I conduct workshops to help leaders find their purpose, defining self-images, getting deep into their core with honesty in their lives.  I believe that this is the only way they can attain balance within themselves. There is no other way to be content and take on life’s challenges in a positive way.

I am starting major projects in Beverly Hills, California:

(1)        GLOBAL LEADERS FOR CHANGE:  I am working hard to arrange workshops with leaders who then can enable their followers and their community to bring global change.  My workshops help bring balance to leaders of the world. This is the only way a global peace is going to happen.  There are over 50 wars raging in our world right now.  And we are all responsible for that.

(2)        UNITED NATIONS CHAPTER FOR BEVERLY HILLS:  We don’t have a U.N. Chapter and I want to start one.  By encouraging people to join, we can help others

(3)        THINK POSITIVE BEVERLY HILLS: “Think Positive” is owned and operated by David Giller and Helene Abrams in New York.  Their positive concepts have already succeeded in two schools.  I want to bring their education concept to California.

(4)        Build a women’s shelter to be called CHEZ MUNNI.  I am going to have a photograph and bio wall of fame showcasing all the individuals. They will then be forever remembered

(5)        Help people make their world a better place by teaching them how to use their heart and spirit by not allowing ego to get in their way

(6)        My beauty books have been in the marketplace since 1990.  I use the proceeds to help my charities.  My new book, Get Balanced, will be launched on January 10, 2015.  Through my book I aim to inspire and lift you up by sharing an intimate journey through my own life, my road toward joy, resilience, connection, gratitude, and endless possibilities. I want to share a secret and true treasure map to positive living that will exhilarate and motivate you. Through Get Balanced I hope to help battered and bullied kids envision their next steps and move forward with confidence in their full glory and magnificence, toward the life they want and deserve. Please join me in supporting so many unfortunate kids around the world.