How did I sustain my intensive traveling without stress?

How did I sustain my intensive traveling without stress?

I visited seven countries, went through so many time zones

Arrived in DC from India in the evening, next day was at the summit, did not come home until 11.45 in the night.

The following day left home at 6.30 am to be at the summit by 7.30.

I went to New York, Maryland and today in Virginia.


Do you think it is enough for someone to be stressed, or exhausted, or agitated or short tempered?

Most people told me Yes.

I said, no stress, calm, content, not exhausted. Am I insane?

This is what someone told me. I responded, it is my lifestyle that I want to share. I am not interested in telling people what to do. We all have to find our own spirituality and our purpose that we all are here –JUST TO SERVE!!

This is what I did to sustain my emotional, physical and mental and spiritual balance:

I arrived at the airports very early. I use VIP launches to set do my work, meditate, shower and relax.

I arrive at the gate 20 minutes before the boarding time.

I practice Qigong in the morning no matter how early I need to depart for the airport. I can meditate for 6 to 8 hours easily the airplanes. I eat healthy I ordered Vegan food and it was very good. Consume a lot of water and stretched.

I am never in rush to get out of the plane. I take my time and go easy.

At the baggage claim I never stand and keep watching the luggage keep passing by. I think it makes my eyes tired. I sit and close my eyes and meditate.

These were statements the airline staff or passengers made for me:

Gosh you look so fresh!!

You skin is glowing, what do you use?

You look so happy

You look positive

You look healthy

I wish I look like you

I wish I feel like

Traveled 32 hours and you don’t have a jet lack? Oh, no, it is hard to believe but you look fresh.

Upon arrival I continue breathing in the taxi while looking out. When there is lot of traffic I close my eyes and take myself through meditation.

When I arrive at my destination I do five ten minutes of Qigong, shower eat and just relax.

I increased my Qigong practice twice to three times a day.

I have learned to live in a state of mediation where I keep my body, mind, soul and my heart in harmony.

This lifestyle keeps me to stay in the present moment. I met a lot of high officials on my trips and I see them JUST as energy. I address to them as my brothers and sisters.

If it is time for me to sleep, I will sleep I don’t think about the last country.

All these formal letter people people write to these officials have no heart in it. I write from my heart as they are just energy and nothing else. Heart to heart contact has stronger bond.   

My whole success comes from being present and I value everyone that I come in contact with including the gate keepers.

Those of you reading my post right now, because you supposed to and you are part of my life puzzle. I value and love you.

I am a good student who is lives outside and box, just eager to learn and trying my best to stay and live with gratitude and humbleness.