In New York I interviewed Dr. Diego Parra from Hayward University.  His theory of mind, body and soul is proven to be true.  He agreed that meditation can help improve emotional issues by decreasing activation of the amygdala.  Fifteen years ago no one was talking about it.  Now it is a popular topic for scientists.  And he explained that meditation can provide many physical and psychological benefits that likely start with changes in brain connectivity.  “Regenerating the brain” with proper breathing and meditation can be good therapy for fear. Don’t just breathe from the lungs.  Feel the breath deep into your stomach.

Understanding how to deal with my ego took me to the next level of freedom from fear.

I surrendered to the uncertain gray areas and this made my life so simple. I can handle a lot of work load and pressure without fear. The freedom from fear made me calm and allowed  me to be free.

As long as we have a normal intelligence we can set ourself free from fear. True freedom is when we become in-charge to break our bad habit, break the attachments with things, objects and people.

This absolutely does not mean that we don’t love things and people on our planet. However, when we say we depend on things or people to make us content and happy, we become the prisoners in our own cage. We lose the present moment because we are thinking about a thing, object or person not present.

Freedom is love. People we have lost will always live within us. They went back to wherever they come from. We will all go back where we come from-This is ultimate truth.