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Generating Global Transformation
by Giving Workshops/Coaching to Leaders.

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Munni speaks all over the country to many people on matters of the heart.

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Consulting on a wide range of topics that will leave you empowered to change the world.

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Workshop's on everything from beauty to philanthropy, Munni offers something from everyone.

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Munni Irone

Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer, and Philantropist

My vision is to generate global transformation by giving workshops to leaders. I am an author, a celebrity coach, and a women’s activist. I owned, taught, and operated a very successful beauty school. I love my students and never charged them for tutoring. My school was called a rehab center because my students were better persons after my coaching.

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„It is not about how much you make it how much you have saved.“

Munni Irone

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„Having lunch with my favorite Gals from Beverly Hills @Wilsherhotel @Oprah“

Munni Irone

The Munni Ironi Show

Our show centers upon improving the lives of people emotionally, mentally, and physically through green, positive, natural, and holistic methods. Our host Munni Irone has had over 30 years of experience of changing lives through natural strategies. Munni Irone is an accomplished business woman having served as Executive Director and Owner at Vocational School in California.

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Philanthropy facts about Giving in US.


69 Percent of Giving in The US is From Independent Givers.

Corporate/Operating Giving

22 Percent of Giving is from Corporate/Operating Giving.


9 Percent of Giving is from Community Sources.


16 percent of Giving is from Foundations.

Philanthropy is you the private giver!